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What to Expect

The process will start with an initial consultation via your preferred method, such as a face to face meeting or a telephone call. Within this meeting an assessment will be completed to determine any factors that need addressing, for example: mental health issues; family circumstances and issues / traumas; unwanted behaviours and unhelpful repetitive cycles.

This is followed up with an informal discussion to understand any areas of concern that you might have, and what your desired outcome would be. At this point we would be able to talk about treatment timescales and agree a preferred method of payment.

Treatment Objectives

  • To enable changes and to enhance overall well being.

  • Alleviate negative thought patterns and cycles of behaviour.

  • Create a balanced mind, leading to less stress, anxiety, confusion and an overall enhanced quality of life.

  • Personal self growth and heightened self awareness.

  • The ability and clarity to make more appropriate and beneficial choices that have a positive impact on overall quality of life.

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